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The secrecy of The Program was edge of a cliff thrilling.

The Program - Suzanne Young

The stark white cover with cheery yellow scrub chad teens-one male, one female- with their backs to the cover holding hands is just so eerie it’s curious. It’s so simple and yet so powerful. It says, “This white and yellow palette is false illusion. There’s no happiness, because you see no smiles. Our backs are to you because we’re in opposition and you know what? We’re in this together!” (And I got the message of all that just by looking at the cover…wow!)

The Program sets the scene of a dystopian society plagued with a very real teenage killer….suicide. There’s no known cause for the alarming rate of self-inflicted harm among the young people. The future adult population looks bleak. One thing is certain- It starts with depression. 

The US government takes charge initiating daily self-evaluations and support systems both on campus and on the home front. Oh and if all else fails…ship them off to the Program. (Doom. Doom. Dooom.) They’re return a happy, shinny, brand new person! Not hell bent on death ;)

Sloane and James are high school sweet hearts whose once tight knit circle of friends has felt the impact of “the sickness”. But they know how to be “normal” while protecting each other from the emotional toll of repeat tragedy. Their pact is put to the ultimate test when faced with the pressures of being “happy” in a sad world. 

The secrecy of The Program was edge of a cliff thrilling. The Government conspiracy thick undertones were heavy. Turning the pages was like peeling back clues in a mystery. Discovering The Program from within the walls of treatment was maddeningly tantalizing and exhilarating. But I will not discuss the Program. I will not talk about their treatment or methods. I cannot *Whispers: They know where I live* All you need to know is, “The only cure for the epidemic is THE PROGRAM.”

Source: http://kindreddreamheart.blogspot.com/2013/11/review-program-by-suzanne-young.html#more